Topic outline

  • Hampshire Planning Tools for Pupils with SEND

    The planning tool supports teachers to identify an appropriate starting point and plan aspirational expectations of progress over time. It is intended that the tool is used for individual pupils with the expectation this is integrated into whole class teaching - removing barriers and enabling participation in whole class learning.

    The Rochford Review (2016) recognised the need for pupils with SEND, working below age related expectations to have ‘the opportunity to demonstrate both attainment and progress’ taking account of the ‘potential differences in the way these pupils learn’. 

    Following successful use in many schools the materials have been updated to include further guidance on effective teaching strategies and we have now added a Pre-Y1 to Y1 booklet to the set.

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  • Principles and pedagogical thinking

    The SEND planning tool is a curriculum document that breaks down barriers to understanding and therefore progress.  It can be used in its entirety or just the relevant sections for each individual child.  For example, a child on the autistic spectrum may be operating at age related expectations in many areas of the English curriculum, but assessment has identified elements of reading comprehension where the child is operating well below their peers.

    Pupils with SEND may never achieve the full curriculum, however what they do learn is learnt with depth and rigour.  Therefore slowing down on content, teaching less but teaching it well is essential. 

    • Content of the planning tools

      Every National Curriculum statement for reading and writing across years 1,2 and 3 are broken down into 'Skills, Knowledge and Concepts'.  Some are ideas for teaching, other ideas for assessment to identify barriers to learning for individuals.  These are not intended to be linear or that every child will need to be taught each element to achieve the full statement.

      Each strand or domain includes ‘Strategies’ - ideas of approaches for teachers to try that may suit a particular pupil more aptly.

      • How to purchase the SEND planning tools

        Reading planning Tool for pupils with SEND: £60

        Writing planning Tool for pupils with SEND: £60

        Mathematics planning tool for pupils with SEND: £60

        Complete SEND planning tool (reading, writing and mathematics): £150 

        To order: please complete this form.

        Different combinations of year groups can be offered (e.g. if you are an Infant School and do not need Y3) and the newly added Pre-Y1 to Y1 booklet can be purchased individually to complete already purchased sets. Please email for prices.

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