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    New for the Autumn term - Effective English Leadership: A Professional Development Course for New and Aspiring Primary English Leaders – 22 September and 13 October 2022

    by Cormac Wilton -

    An inspirational English leader with the drive and vision to lead and manage development makes an essential contribution to school improvement. This course strives to create English leaders and takes the form of two full days.

    Participants will learn how to:

    • Explore the importance of a personal and school vision for teaching and learning in English.
    • Plan for development in the subject, taking account of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment.
    • Use data effectively to monitor and support student progress.
    • Use monitoring to inform self-evaluation and drive improvement.
    • Articulate their vision in the wider school community.

    Search and book on the learning zone using keywords: Aspiring English

    Price: Sub £270 / SLA £155 / Full £324

    Take a look at our latest Autumn term English offer: English Subject Knowledge and Pedagogy for Teaching Assistants 2022-23 (Webinar) – 21 September, 12 October, 7 November, 30 November and 14 December

    by Cormac Wilton -

    This course brings together Teaching Assistants to explore and develop effective practice in supporting primary pupils in English, over five sessions. Participants will engage in training and discussion that will develop a greater understanding of their role, and equip them with a range of strategies, approaches, resources, and techniques to continue to support pupils both individually and in small groups within English.

    Search and book on the learning zone using keywords: English Pedagogy

    Price: Sub £235 / SLA £195 / Full £282

    Book your place on our Understanding Reading Ages Webinars taking place in July

    by Cormac Wilton -

    Understanding Reading Ages - Implications for Teaching Across the Curriculum 22-23 – 5 July 2022

    The majority of secondary schools run some form of reading age testing and share reading age data with teachers, but this information is not always well understood by teachers beyond the understanding that some students find reading more difficult than others.

    This webinar aims to take you beyond the data to a more detailed understanding of what it means to have a reading age of 6, or 9, or 17, and how to adapt teaching in the classroom to support readers at all levels.

    This training is aimed at leaders and teachers with a role in developing teaching and learning, improving reading across the whole school, or supporting transition from primary school. With the renewed emphasis on the effective teaching of reading across the school, understanding the strengths and needs of readers at each level is relevant for teachers of all subjects and all year groups.

    This webinar focuses on enabling leaders to support teachers with clear messages and practical strategies that can become part of a habitual teaching repertoire as part of a strong whole-school reading culture.

    Keyword Search: Understanding Reading 22

    Understanding Reading Ages 2: Practical Adaptive Teaching for all Subjects 7 July 2022

    This training is a follow-up to the popular ‘Understanding Reading Ages – Implications for Teaching across the Curriculum’ webinar, supporting leaders and teachers to apply their understanding of reading ages in adapting planning to meet the needs of the full range of students. This webinar will offer opportunities to explore the practical applications of the principles behind the guidance.

    Keyword Search: Reading Adaptive

    Price: Sub £110 / SLA £85 / Full £132 (Price per session)

    Supporting learners of EAL in primary English

    by Emma Scribbans -

    Many teachers and schools are now facing new challenges, including an increased number of learners of EAL.  Please find a new guidance in Moodle+/ Supporting the role of English leadership.  The document outlines the principles for this work, provides practical examples and signposts sources of further information.

    The guidance was collated with the support of the Hampshire Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service (EMTAS) and links to EMTAS materials are provided throughout.

    Course: Supporting learners of EAL in primary English (hants.gov.uk)

    English Core Provision starts week commencing 20 June - don't forget to book your place

    by Katie Scott -

    A reminder that our first English Core Provision Headteacher and Subject Leader strategic update sessions start week commencing 20 June. Please make sure that you sign up now so you don't miss any sessions. A reminder that this Core Provision offer includes:

    • two Primary headteacher and subject leader strategic planning and update meetings
    • four half-day subject leader meetings
    • a full day Primary English conference (for subject leaders).

    How to book – Search and book on the Learning Zone using keywords English Core + district 22/23” eg. English Core Test Valley 22/23.

    Don’t forget to select the programme for your geographical area. Please refer to our English Core Provision 2022-23 overview document with details of session dates and times for each programme. Click here for step-by-step booking guidance.  For booking assistance, contact: Dawn Parsons - Dawn.Parsons@hants.gov.uk

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