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    *NEW* Learning journeys for reading and writing

    by Emma Scribbans -

    Happy Friday everyone!

    We have been busy writing and uploading new units for every age group.  Please explore the reading and writing exemplar pages (links below).  You will find texts with parallel KS2 learning journeys for both reading and writing - 'Race to the Frozen North' and 'I am not a Label'.

    We also have 3 reading units focused on fluency, poetry, rhythm and rhyme for KS1 and KS2.  Lots of fun lessons to enjoy in these!  More on the way ...

    English Moodle: All courses (hants.gov.uk)

    Course: Example Plans for Reading (hants.gov.uk)

    New course – Understanding and Supporting Transition from the EYFS to Year 1 in English and Mathematics - 24 May and 18 October 2023

    by Hannah Richardson -

    The Early Years Advisory, HIAS English and maths leads have worked collaboratively to develop key messages around transition into Year 1. The importance of this has been long standing, however the EYFS reforms have reinforced the significance of high-quality transition in learning into Year 1 further. 

    This course is designed to support Year 1 teachers to develop a stronger understanding of the Early Years curriculum. It is designed to support the transition into Year 1 through the continuation of early years pedagogy and practice in the autumn term. Curriculum expectations for English and mathematics will be explored in the context of continuous and enhanced provision and a gradual transition towards more structured approaches of teaching.

    Search and book on the Learning Zone using keyword search: Understanding Transition

    Price: Sub £65 / SLA £0 / Full £78

    Don’t forget to book - Reading for Comprehension Toolkit training 22-23 – 8 February and 21 March 2023

    by Hannah Richardson -

    The highly successful HIAS ‘Reading for Comprehension Toolkit’ is a resource to support teachers in effectively planning and teaching comprehension strategies explicitly in the classroom. This course will provide the CPD required for effective implementation of the materials across the primary phase.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Understanding the elements of the toolkits – reading strategies / domains / pupil cards / teacher question stems etc
    • Creating rich learning journeys in reading using the toolkits
    • Developing rich dialogic talk in the classroom through using the toolkits with pupils
    • Developing metacognitive thinking in teaching and learning of reading over time

    Search and book on the Learning Zone using keyword search: Comprehension Toolkit 22-23

    Price: Sub £245 / SLA £165 / Full £294

    Sign up to Building Vocabulary in Primary English 22-23 (Webinar) – 24 January, 7 February 2023

    by Hannah Richardson -

    Even before the pandemic many pupils risked underperformance due to a word gap. Now there is an even greater impetus to secure pupils’ vocabulary knowledge.

    ‘Building Vocabulary in Primary English’ will focus on practical approaches to increase the depth and breadth of pupils’ vocabulary, crucial to success in English and beyond.

    Search and book on the Learning Zone using keyword search: Vocabulary English

    Price: Sub £115 / SLA £75 / Full £138 

    Come join us at Principles and Practice of High-Quality Phonics in EYFS and KS1 2022-23 (Webinar) – 25 January 2023

    by Hannah Richardson -

    This course will support practitioners in developing subject knowledge and practice in phonics teaching to effectively support pupils’ development as early readers and spellers from Reception to Year 2.

    The delegate will have:

    • Explored practical approaches for teaching phonics
    • Support and advice in successfully implementing the schools chosen phonics programme
    • Developed a clear understanding of strategies to support phonics into spelling
    • Gained knowledge of phonics to support pupils’ early reading and spelling
    • Engaged in opportunities to reflect on their own teaching of phonics and to plan their next steps
    • Developed understanding of progression in phonics.

    Search and book on the Learning Zone using keyword search: Phonics KS1

    Price: Sub £150 / SLA £115 / Full £180

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