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    Don’t miss our Drama for English Workshop – 22 January 2025

    by Hannah Richardson -

    Leave all your inhibitions behind and join us for a practical and fun exploration of drama games and activities to support children in immersing themselves into the world of the text. This will be a lively, hands-on workshop, where you will participate in a range of activities to encourage listening, engagement with and comprehension of the text, and exploration of the characters. You will leave with a bank of resources, activities, and ideas to incorporate into your learning journeys.  

    Search and book on the Learning Zone using keyword search: Drama English

    Price: Sub £120 / SLA £75 / Full £144 

    Don’t forget to sign up to our English secondary networks which are now live for booking on the Learning Zone

    by Hannah Richardson -

    You can book now for all sessions in 2024-25.

    Autumn date: 8 October 2024
    Search and book on the Learning Zone using keyword search: Autumn English
    Sub £120 / SLA £65 / Full £144

    Spring date: 26 February 2025
    Search and book on the Learning Zone using keyword search: Spring English
    Sub £120 / SLA £65 / Full £144

    Summer date: 19 June 2025
    Search and book on the Learning Zone using keyword search: Summer English
    Price: Sub £120 / SLA £65 / Full £144

    Please see here for more information about our secondary subject networks for 2024-25.

    Join us in Growing Greater Depth Writers in Years 5 and 6 24-25 – 3 October, 20 November 2024, 16 January and 11 March 2025

    by Hannah Richardson -

    This multi-session course is specifically aimed at increasing the confidence of teachers to grow more GDS writers within their class. The practical nature will give plenty of ideas, approaches, activities, and techniques that can be immediately implemented in their classroom.

    Teachers will grow in confidence to:

    • Choose texts and writing outcomes that grow in challenge over the year, building on foundations to be on track for GDS
    • Explore oracy skills needed to develop ‘voice’ in writing
    • Have a repertoire of tasks that challenge ‘what next?’ writers – securing quality over quantity
    • Understand the interplay between purpose, audience, viewpoint, and form
    • Understand word level and sentence level to a GDS standard
    • Understand the grammatical choices and techniques that enable children to write in a range of registers
    • Drill down on pieces of children’s writing, identify gaps in need and plan for tasks and outcomes that will enable them to grow into GDS writers.

    Search and book on the Learning Zone using keyword search: Greater Writers

    Price: Sub £310 / SLA £180 / Full £372 

    Brand new course! Excellence in Reading Provision at KS2 – Getting the Balance Right – 5 November, 2 December 2024, and 14 January 2025

    by Hannah Richardson -

    Over the last few years, research around how to teach reading effectively has been in the spotlight.

    This course will support class teachers in how to develop reading in the classroom to support children in becoming age related readers at the end of Key Stage 2. It can also support English leads in developing reading teaching at a whole school level.

    Sessions will include practical ideas around:

    suitable texts, fluency, vocabulary and knowledge instruction, effective comprehension strategy instruction and scaffolding and challenge in reading lessons.   

    Search and book on the Learning Zone using keyword search: Excellence Reading

    Price: Sub £285 / SLA £175 / Full £342  

    Join us for the Phonics Leader Network Meetings: Developing Strategic Oversight and Rigour 24-25 (Webinar)

    by Hannah Richardson -

    Working together to effectively implement your phonics programme and keep up-to-speed with local and national updates, and key messages on phonics and early reading. Irrespective of your phonics programme, we aim to provide a supportive platform to share and discuss challenges and successes. Exploring, together, what strategic leadership of phonics looks like and could involve. Offering advice and guidance on strategies and sharing key messages and findings to support your ongoing work in school.

    This network comprises of three meetings, one each term. Upon booking, delegates will receive a link to an MS Form to choose the dates they wish to attend each term.  

    Please note the date on this course is the first available date for session one but may be different to the session that you sign up to, more information will be sent upon booking.  

    Summer Term options: 

    Monday 20 June 2024 
    Wednesday 27 June 2024  

    Autumn Term options: 

    Tuesday 22 October 2024 
    Wednesday 23 October 2024 

    Spring Term options: 

    Monday 10 February 2025 
    Wednesday 12 February 2025 

    Search and book on the Learning Zone using keyword search: Strategic Oversight

    Price: Sub £155 / SLA £125 / Full £186 

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