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    • Primary English Core Provision 2024-25

      Our Primary English Core Provision offer for Hampshire schools provides opportunities for subject leaders to work collaboratively through a series of subject network meetings and an annual conference. Content is shaped to reflect national and local priorities ensuring our subject leaders are best placed to reflect on current guidance.  

      In 2024-25 the English Core Provision offer includes:

      • a headteacher and subject leader strategic planning and update meetings (to be delivered virtually)
      • four half-day subject leader meetings* (face to face)
      • a full day venue based Primary English conference (for subject leaders).

      Our programmes
      There are 16 district based English programmes. You can find information on dates and times in the English Core Provision programme dates
      overview document below.  Please check this information carefully before enrolling to identify the programme relevant to your school’s geographical area. Please note: dates/times and venue information provided in the overview documents are correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change. 

      Programme cost 
      The cost of each programme for 2024-25, which includes all the elements above is:
      Sub: £605 / Full: £725 / HIAS SLA element: £410

      How to book
      Please book via the Learning Zone (bookings open on 15 April 2024). Search for and locate the programme for your area via the relevant keywords eg English Core Test Valley 24-25 or  English Core East Hants 24-25.

      • Please check that the dates fit with your/your subject leader’s working pattern before booking on your chosen stream.
      • Please ensure that you select the 'Scheduled Program' when enrolling. 
      • Only enrol your English subject leader on these programmes. Headteachers should not enrol on Core Provision themselves unless they are acting as the subject leader.
      Please refer to our Booking guidance for English and Maths Core Provision Programmes 2024-25 for further information/instructions. 

      Need help?

      Should you require further assistance with enrolling, please contact our HTLC Administrator:
      Dawn Parsons:

      For general queries about this Core Provision offer, please contact:
      Katie Scott, Training Programme Manager:

    • Primary

      Take a look at the Primary English learning opportunities available to book:

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      Summer Term 2024

      Supporting Pupils with Dyslexia in Reading, Writing and Spelling (Webinar)

      15 May, 22 May and 6 June 2024

      Keyword Search: Supporting Dyslexia

      This course will provide delegates with a secure understanding of dyslexia and how we can support pupils with dyslexia in their learning and within the classroom environment. The training is remote and consists of three sessions.

      • Session 1: An introduction to dyslexia.
      • Session 2: Supporting pupils with dyslexia in spelling and writing.
      • Session 3: Supporting pupils with dyslexia in reading.

      Price: Sub £195 / SLA £155 / Full £234

      Improving Spelling in the Primary School (Webinar)

      20 May and 10 June 2024

      Keyword Search: Improving Spelling 

      This is a course for English leaders wishing to improve spelling in their school and class teachers who wish to improve their approaches to the teaching of spelling. This course takes the form of two virtual two-hour sessions and aims to provide practical approaches to developing spelling in the primary school.

      The following areas will be covered:

      • Developing a whole school spelling approach, beginning with phonics.
      • Moving beyond phonics to explore morphology and etymology.
      • Effectively raising the profile of spelling across the school.
      • Building a culture of error analysis and response.
      • Approaches to self-correction and the effective editing and refining of written work.

      Price: Sub £105 / SLA £65 / Full £126

      Phonics Leader Network Meetings: Developing Strategic Oversight and Rigour 24-25 (Webinar)

      Keyword Search: Strategic Oversight

      Working together to effectively implement your phonics programme and keep up-to-speed with local and national updates, and key messages on phonics and early reading. Irrespective of your phonics programme, we aim to provide a supportive platform to share and discuss challenges and successes. Exploring, together, what strategic leadership of phonics looks like and could involve. Offering advice and guidance on strategies and sharing key messages and findings to support your ongoing work in school.

      This network comprises of three meetings, one each term. Upon booking delegates will receive a link to an MS Form to choose the dates they wish to attend each term. 

      Please note the date on this course is the first available date for session one but may be different to the session that you sign up to, more information will be sent upon booking. 

      Summer Term Options:

      • Monday 20 May 2024
      • Wednesday 22 May 2024

      Autumn Term Options:

      • Tuesday 22 October 2024
      • Wednesday 23 October 2024

      Spring Term Options:

      • Monday 10 February 2025
      • Wednesday 12 February 2025

      Price: Sub £155 / SLA £125 / Full £186

      Understanding and Supporting Transition from the EYFS to Year 1 in English and Mathematics 23-24

      3 June and 15 October 2024

      Keyword Search: Transition English 23-24

      The Early Years Advisory, HIAS English and Maths leads have worked collaboratively to develop key messages around transition into Year 1. The importance of this has been long standing, however the EYFS reforms have reinforced the significance of high-quality transition in learning into Year 1 further.

      This course is designed to support Year 1 teachers to develop a stronger understanding of the Early Year curriculum. It is designed to support the transition into Year 1 through the continuation of early years pedagogy and practice in the autumn term. Curriculum expectations for English and mathematics will be explored in the context of continuous and enhanced provision and a gradual transition towards more structured approaches of teaching.

      Price: Sub £145 / SLA £85 / Full £174

      Autumn Term 2024

      English Professional Development Meeting Menu - Writing (Webinar)

      1 October, 19 November 2024, 21 January and 11 March 2025

      Keyword Search: Meeting Menu

      A series of live virtual professional development meetings focused on key aspects of writing.

      Schools will receive links to all four meetings and can choose to attend as a school, a phase or send individual teachers. (These sessions are running in real time with delegate participation and will not be recorded, so the expectation is that schools will log in on the dates advertised. They are designed to fall after school hours in line with staff meeting timings.)

      Price: Sub £130 / SLA £95 / Full £156

      Text-led English Learning Journeys (KS1 & KS2) 24-25

      22 October, 21 November, 4 December 2024 and 4 February 2025

      Keyword Search: Text-led

      The ever popular ‘Get It Write’ training is guaranteed to inspire teachers and pupils alike! This course will focus on the HIAS phased learning journey model that develops readers as writers, providing delegates with a treasure-trove of practical ideas and resources to support successful planning and teaching of writing. This course is ideal for teachers who are new to the model, new to teaching, or teachers who just need a little extra support with planning. Teachers in KS1 and KS2 welcomed.

      Price: Sub £300 / SLA £205 / Full £360

      Spring Term 2025

      Drama for English Workshop

      22 January 2025

      Keyword Search: Drama English

      Leave all your inhibitions behind and join us for a practical and fun exploration of drama games and activities to support children in immersing themselves into the world of the text. This will be a lively, hands-on workshop, where you will participate in a range of activities to encourage listening, engagement with and comprehension of the text, and exploration of the characters. You will leave with a bank of resources, activities, and ideas to incorporate into your learning journeys.

      Price: Sub £120 / SLA £75 / Full £144

      • Secondary

        Take a look at the Secondary English learning opportunities available to book:

        To search for a specific course, type the course title or keywords in the 'Find Learning' box.

        Summer Term 2023

        Summer 23-24 Secondary English Network

        25 June 2024

        Keyword Search: Summer English

        The primary aims of the subject network meetings are to:

        • Ensure a clear understanding of the national picture and its application in local and school contexts.
        • Support effective subject leadership as appropriate to each school’s individual context.
        • Develop skills, expertise and capacity within school subject leaders and their teams through quality strategic CPD and the sharing of good practice.
        • Deepen understanding of subject specific pedagogy and knowledge that underpins good progress and attainment for ALL pupils.
        • Facilitate school to school networking and develop strength across the system.

        Price: Sub £135 / SLA £80 / Full £162