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  • Text Drivers information and how to subscribe

    A resource to support a text-driven English curriculum in the primary years. 

    • Over 300 texts listed with notes on themes, grammatical features, possible writing opportunities and cross-curricular links.
    • A valuable tool for selecting texts to drive learning journeys.
    • Organised under headings for ease of reference – Novels, Picture Books, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Heritage, Shakespeare, Traditional Tales, Short Story Collections, EYFS, Myths and Legends, Films.
    • Searchable for grammatical terms, topic areas etc. 
    • Available as a downloadable resource to allow for regular updates.
    • Subscription: £30, payable annually. 

    • Please note: VAT will apply to all above rates (for non-Hampshire maintained & external schools only).


    How to subscribe

    Please complete and submit this form. We will then contact you with your text driver login details.
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