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Book your place on our Understanding Reading Ages Webinars taking place in July

Book your place on our Understanding Reading Ages Webinars taking place in July

by Cormac Wilton -
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Understanding Reading Ages - Implications for Teaching Across the Curriculum 22-23 – 5 July 2022

The majority of secondary schools run some form of reading age testing and share reading age data with teachers, but this information is not always well understood by teachers beyond the understanding that some students find reading more difficult than others.

This webinar aims to take you beyond the data to a more detailed understanding of what it means to have a reading age of 6, or 9, or 17, and how to adapt teaching in the classroom to support readers at all levels.

This training is aimed at leaders and teachers with a role in developing teaching and learning, improving reading across the whole school, or supporting transition from primary school. With the renewed emphasis on the effective teaching of reading across the school, understanding the strengths and needs of readers at each level is relevant for teachers of all subjects and all year groups.

This webinar focuses on enabling leaders to support teachers with clear messages and practical strategies that can become part of a habitual teaching repertoire as part of a strong whole-school reading culture.

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Understanding Reading Ages 2: Practical Adaptive Teaching for all Subjects 7 July 2022

This training is a follow-up to the popular ‘Understanding Reading Ages – Implications for Teaching across the Curriculum’ webinar, supporting leaders and teachers to apply their understanding of reading ages in adapting planning to meet the needs of the full range of students. This webinar will offer opportunities to explore the practical applications of the principles behind the guidance.

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Price: Sub £110 / SLA £85 / Full £132 (Price per session)