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Spelling Recovery new resource and course

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Spelling Recovery new resource and course
by Emma Scribbans - Friday, 11 September 2020, 9:47 AM

The HIAS English team have created a Spelling Recovery resource for every year group.  

Part of the HIAS Step Up to Catch Up Curriculum for post Covid-19 - this is a long-term spelling overview to support schools in covering curriculum requirements as well as allowing for revision and consolidation from previous years.  Word versions are available to enable schools to adapt and adopt.

All year groups are available on Moodle+ through the following link:

Spelling Recovery Yrs 1 - 6

Year 3 is available as a sample here:


Spelling Recovery Course: This course will support delegates using the spelling recovery document, discussing in more detail the key principles and how these might be applied to individual school settings.