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Courses coming up in June!

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Courses coming up in June!
by Katie Scott - Wednesday, 23 May 2018, 12:27 PM

ENGL2021 Talking and Reading to Develop Thinking in Year 6 and Year 7 English

This subject-based cluster group is informed by research into the potential of dialogic talk and reciprocal reading to motivate pupils to think and challenge themselves in group discussion whilst also supporting the lower attaining readers in reading comprehension.

8 June – Fleet, Farnborough and Aldershot / 11 June – Basingstoke

ENGL1966 Primary English Core Provision: Subject Co-ordinator and Headteacher Network Group Briefing 2017/18 – Various dates and locations

As the final part of the Primary English Core Provision (ENGL1965), this network briefing is for the subject co-ordinator and headteacher pairing.

ENGL0915 Leading from the Core: A Professional Development Course for New and Aspiring Primary English Co-ordinators – 22 June 2018

An inspirational English coordinator with the drive and vision to lead and manage development makes an essential contribution to school improvement. This course strives to create English Coordinators and takes the form of two full days.

ENGL2010 First 40 @ Primary – 26 June 2018

Year 3 is a tricky year group. Not only have children got to get to grips with a new teacher, but they are often finding their feet in a new school. They are unsure about the expectations that will be placed on them and about whether the skills and knowledge they learnt in infant school still apply. Many will be ready for the challenges of the Key Stage 2 curriculum, but most will have some gaps in their learning and for some, these gaps will be significant. This course will show Year 3 teachers how to use the first half-term to quickly and effectively assess children’s learning and ensure optimal progress.

ENGL1991 Leading Improvement in Secondary English: Summer Conference – 27 June 2018

Final 2017/18 network and development session for secondary English subject co-ordinators. The Secondary English Conference provides the exciting opportunity to explore the key messages of the year in practice, learning from other teachers and gaining access to specialist insight. Delegates will engage in keynotes, and choose from a range of workshops run by secondary colleagues who will showcase their work.

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