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Hampshire Assessment Model support materials

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Hampshire Assessment Model support materials
by Emma Scribbans - Monday, 16 November 2015, 11:38 AM

Access to Documents - follow this link

There are a series of materials produced by HIAS that aim to support schools who wish to use the Hampshire model, or aspects of it. The most up to date versions of these are all held on the HTLC Moodle on a restricted access page. By signing up here you will receive access to materials until the end of Spring Term 2017.

These Materials Include:

  • Specific curriculum materials that support planning in reading, writing and mathematics for all national curriculum year groups.
  • A brand new simple benchmark/baseline tool, developed as part of a full year tracking system available to download immediately.
  • A regularly maintained discussion forum with fortnightly inputs from the HIAS team.
  • Any future materials developed by project schools and the HIAS team documents will be made available through this part of the HTLC Moodle.

You do not need to sign up if:

  • You attended the June Hampshire Assessment Model follow up seminars. You should have received access from 
  • Your school has signed up to the Hampshire Assessment Project Groups due to start in October. You will receive access from Katie on receipt of your booking.
  • Your school has commissioned a subject or primary inspector to work with them specifically on assessment practices. You or your inspector should E-mail Katie to confirm booking.